The way forward for commercial refrigeration

RSL News 28/07/17

Main dates for F-Gas

Forbidden from

January 2015 Households and freezers GWP 150+

January 2020 Hermetically sealed Refrigerators & freezers * GWP 2500+

January 2020 All Standard equipment except below -50C GWP 2500+

January 2020 Mobile air conditioners GWP 150+

January 2020 Ban on service all equipment GWP 2500+

January 2022 Hermetically sealed Refrigerators & freezers * GWP 150+

January 2022 Std. equipment multi compressor** GWP 150+

January 2025 A/C splits with less than 3kg gas GWP 750+

January 2030 Reclaimed 404a banned.

Notes, * Fully built up pre-charged units like “Monoblocks”

** Any 40kW + unit with more than 1 compressor except some cascade systems and similar, please ask.

Please contact RSL for more information +35314508011

The way forward for commercial refrigeration

The driving force for the issue, import cap based on GWP/CO2 tons.

Single condensing units running on R404A/507

* Continue to service with 404A until 2020, but prices rocketing and availability issues.

*R404A is dead! Time to move on!

* Using reclaimed 404a OK until 2030, probably very expensive.

* Change to one of the new refrigerants like R448A (GWP 1387), R449A (1397),

R452A (2141). (over 80 now on market), Very expensive, GWP not much lower,

Hard to locate stock, some flammable, not long-term answer, unknown life span

* Replace 404a with medium GWP like RS50/R442A (GWP 1880) low and high temp.

* Lower cost. No change to tx valve oil etc. gain in duty=less run time=lower energy use

* OK to use until at least 2030. See below.

Multi compressor racks and packs

* All above for single condensing units also applies.

* Remember multi compressor ban coming in in 2022,

*Bitzer Ecostar, single compressor- speed controlled, units an answer for the future?

* Add speed control to packs with Bitzer compressors to gain up to 40% more duty by

running at higher HZ. Most Bitzer compressors guaranteed up to 70HZ.

R442A-RS50 Refrigerant

* Lower GWP 1880, so OK to use until 2030.

*Exact parallel replacement for 404A, no need to change tx valves etc.*

*30% Lower Mass Flow so same pipework and more efficient.

*Higher performance. = less energy required= more duty available

*Suitable for all normal temperature ranges.

*Drop in replacement for 404a, same oil etc.

*May be filled in on top of 404A.

*Will be in lowest price bracket under 407A/F etc.


*All components already used in existing blends so proven compressor compatibility.

*5 years in common use in Spain and France, no issues even under extreme conditions.

*3 years in USA, same.

*High GWP R404A is dead! Time to move on!

* May need tx valve to be closed slightly.