RSL News 03/08/21

Rivacold presents the CO2 multi-compressor packs renewed in their specifications with cutting-edge technological solutions to ensure high performance, energy saving, eco-sustainability, maximum efficiency and safety with any type of application:

‧ TS: simple transcritical packs for medium temperature

‧ TB: booster transcritical packs for medium and low temperature

These models complete the wide range of Rivacold CO2 solutions and have a high potential for customization that meets all the needs of big plants dedicated to food retail, logistics and the food industry.

The catalogue in electronic format is below complete of all information and description in five languages:

CAT TX BIG Rev00 06-21

CAT TX compact_99220386 Rev00 06_19

The machines can be selected on the Select program up to 43°C ambient temperature where they can be combined with remote gas coolers even with very low noise levels and with evaporators for CO2 systems, always guaranteed by the quality of Rivacold products.

For further information do not hesitate to contact us at info@rslireland.com