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RSL News 30/08/17

More on Refrigerants in Ireland - RSL View

Commercial Refrigeration

  • Most companies have finally stopped using R404A in new installs. Not all though! Its dead!
  • Prices still rocketing on all types, availability may become a problem for some grades.

Short- Medium Term

  • R134A is still a great (best?) gas for medium and high temperature operation. Some compressors (Bitzer) now optimized to take full advantage.
  • Many companies using R407A/F on new plant. Sensible for now!
  • R407A best for LT plant (lower Disch. Temps.) so easier to settle for it on all temperatures - if not considering R134A.
  • Some others have started using R442A (RS50).
  • At present R442A closest to R404A in duty and operation.
  • Watch out for R407H! Coming soon, seems very similar to R442A.
  • A few trying new HFOs’ - R448A, R449A and fewer R452A,
  • R449A & R449A seem most popular, just now.

Medium Term

  • HFO R448A and R449A seem to be the most likely types for the mid-term future.
  • Still most expensive, have only medium GWP and are NOT long term answers, GWP too high.

Long Term

  • Right now there seems are no new refrigerants on offer that will satisfy the long term requirements for GWP etc.
  • NH3 and CO2 obvious long term answers but need special skills, propane and similar also showing up in a few applications.

What the supermarkets seem to be doing

  • Aldi - Moving all stores to CO2, using R407F in meantime.
  • Lidl - Glycol and Chillers on R134A. + ??
  • Tesco - CO2 and R448A.
  • M & S - CO2.+ R407A??
  • Musgrave - Daikin R410A system, + ??
  • Dunnes - R448A +??

Air conditioning

  • Splits moving towards R32, but still not much actually appearing here yet. Lots of talk. We are stocking now but it must be stored, used and generally approached as if Propane or similar
  • R410A still mainly on splits, for now.
  • Chillers mainly on R134A, most likely to be for a while yet.
  • Some few chillers starting to use R1234ze and R1234yf (also on car a/c) instead of R134A, both ultra low GWP but slightly flammable, time will tell.
  • Large chillers mainly on NH3.
  • Some small ones appearing with tiny charges of Propane or similar.

Cryogenic Applications

  • GWP on systems below -50C not an issue. Exempt from F-Gas.
  • Up to now mainly R23 and R508A & B, both look like becoming unavailable very soon. Very high GWP makes unattractive to import.
  • Both now extremely expensive, even by this month’s standards!
  • R1150 Ethylene and similar available, but very flammable and difficult to handle.
  • Big problems of suitable gas supply looming here!

RSL, uniquely, have experience in all of the above. Just ask !

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