RSL to immediately stop purchasing R404A and R507

RSL News 27/09/17

RSL have decided to immediately stop purchasing R404A and R507.

This decision was taken in view of the continuing madness surrounding the refrigerant gas business and the fact that the prices for all gases continue to rise and with no realistic end of these rises in sight. As you know the prices of these two gases have risen significantly more than others.

We believe that this is the right thing to do.

R404A is dead! Continuing to use it and creating future requirements is futile. It will very soon all be gone anyway! Just like R22, R502 etc.

The impending 2018 quota cap ensures that only medium and low GWP product will be available. All of the major manufacturers in Europe have effectively stopped supplying high GWP gases. Presumably you have stopped using in new installations??


There is no one answer for all R404A replacement situations, despite what the main suppliers would have you believe.

RSL have some answers for many types of installations.

For a few there are no answers, at present anyway. We recommend you to look at all of your different existing installations and categorize them into groups. Decide the priorities by degree of urgency to keep running and make a plan!

ACT NOW! RSL can help in most situations, just contact us!

RSL will continue stocking the following:

  • R134A
  • R448 & 449A (N40 & XP40)
  • R452A (XP44)
  • R407A & F & H & C
  • R442A (RS50)
  • R513A (XP10)
  • R290 (Propane)
  • R600
  • R1234YF
  • CO2 (R744)
  • Nitrogen

Others like R508, R23, R422A & D R417A, R410A R437A, R438A are already in short supply are outrageously expensive, they are unlikely to be available after 2017.

RSL have most answers

Credit for reclaimed gases:

We will soon be rolling out a gas reclaim scheme, this will enable us to pay you a credit for gas sent back for reclaim or destruction.

This was not feasible before because of the high cost of returning "Hazardous Waste" out of Ireland from TFS charges etc.

As the value of the gases rise we can now start to offer these credits when reclaimed.

We will also be able to guarantee a certain percentage of the reclaimed gas be available back to you for reuse.

For more information contact