RSL Gas reclaim system - RSL will credit you for re-usable gas.

Later you may buy back the reclaimed gas banked for you.


Its the right thing!

Up to now the costs, below, made it impossible to give back credit on any reclaimable gas.

  • Special hazardous road transport. Driver Hazchem training.
  • Hazardous storage and associated licenses,
  • Shipment by special lorries on designated ferries by TFS licence
  • Large expensive bond lodged with authorities.
  • These costs and difficulties have increased but the price of Virgin gas has rocketed, as we all know.
  • Taking back through N.Ireland is illegal and proof of proper destruction or reclaim cannot be produced to EPA when requested.
  • Gas collected in N. Ireland will be also be creditable.
  • So, credits for reclaim on many gases are now viable.
  • Properly, certified, reclaimed R404A/507 may be used for service right up to 2030.

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